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We can't thank you enough! We received so many comments about how great the music was and how you all responded to the crowd. 

It was the best time for us! 

You ran everything so smoothly and were so accommodating to our various and sudden requests (like suddenly wanting to extend the party an hour.......). 

We said the things we remember at other Weddings were the food and music. And you sure delivered on the music! 

We will absolutely recommend you to any of our friends. We won't be surprised if you will have to start making more trips to Connecticut! 


Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! 


-Andrew & Jen  - July, 2019

Elyssa & Michael
Kristen & Matt
Michele & Michael
Sandy & Burr
Kathy & Miguel
Maria & James
Kristin & Rob
Kurt & Dana
Aimee & Max
Karen & Michael
Roxanne & John
Suzanne & Bill
Celina & Robert
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